Black Dragon Palettblad: The Dark Charm of the Indoor Garden

09 januari 2024 Jon Larsson


Black Dragon Palettblad, also known as Coleus scutellarioides or Solenostemon scutellarioides, is a stunning plant that has gained popularity among indoor garden enthusiasts. Its unique dark foliage, characterized by deep purple and black hues, adds a touch of elegance and mystery to any living space. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of Black Dragon Palettblad, exploring its various types, popular varieties, quantitative measurements, differences between different cultivars, as well as a historical analysis of its advantages and disadvantages.

1. An In-Depth Overview of Black Dragon Palettblad:


Black Dragon Palettblad is a member of the Lamiaceae family and is native to Southeast Asia. It is a perennial plant, typically grown as an annual in most regions. The plant features serrated, heart-shaped leaves with vibrant colors ranging from dark purple to almost black. The leaves are velvety to touch, adding to its allure. Black Dragon Palettblad is primarily cultivated for its foliage rather than its flowers, making it an ideal choice for indoor gardening.

2. Extensive Presentation of Black Dragon Palettblad:

a) Types: Black Dragon Palettblad includes several cultivars, each with its own distinct characteristics. Some popular ones include ’Black Magic,’ ’Red Head,’ ’Kingswood Torch,’ and ’Ursula’s Red.’

b) Popular Varieties: ’Black Magic’ is a widely sought after variety, known for its deep black leaves with a hint of purple. ’Red Head’ showcases a rich burgundy color, while ’Kingswood Torch’ exhibits a vibrant mix of purple and green. ’Ursula’s Red’ stands out with its striking, dark red leaves.

c) Cultivation and Care: Black Dragon Palettblad thrives in partial shade, requiring well-draining soil and regular watering. It can be grown outdoors in tropical and subtropical regions, while indoor gardening allows for year-round beauty.

3. Quantitative Measurements about Black Dragon Palettblad:

a) Growt On average, Black Dragon Palettblad reaches a height of 12-24 inches, with a spread of 9-12 inches. Its compact size makes it suitable for smaller indoor spaces.

b) Light Requirements: Black Dragon Palettblad prefers bright, indirect light but can tolerate some shade. It is crucial to find the right balance to maintain the plant’s vibrant coloration.

c) Watering: It is essential to keep the soil consistently moist, avoiding both overwatering and allowing it to dry out completely.

d) Maintenance: Regular pruning is necessary to promote bushier growth and to prevent legginess. Pinching off flowers also helps to redirect the plant’s energy towards foliage development.

4. Exploring the Differences between Black Dragon Palettblad Cultivars:

Each Black Dragon Palettblad cultivar possesses unique characteristics, differentiating them from one another. The variations can be observed in leaf color, pattern, size, and growth habit. Some cultivars may have larger leaves, while others may showcase more intense purple or black hues. Understanding these disparities allows gardeners to select the cultivar that best suits their preferences and design choices.

5. A Historical Overview of the Pros and Cons of Black Dragon Palettblad:

Throughout history, Black Dragon Palettblad has been praised for its ornamental value and versatility. Its dark foliage has been utilized in various garden designs, adding depth and contrast to floral displays. On the downside, some cultivars may require more attention and care, making them less suitable for novice gardeners. Furthermore, while Black Dragon Palettblad is generally safe for pets, it is always recommended to ensure it does not come into contact with animals that may be sensitive to plants.


Black Dragon Palettblad is an exquisite plant with its dark and mysterious foliage that adds ambiance to any indoor garden. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting your collection, the wide range of cultivars provides endless options to suit different preferences. With proper care, Black Dragon Palettblad can be an eye-catching centerpiece, captivating all who encounter its bewitching beauty. So, why not let this enigmatic plant bring an element of dark charm to your indoor sanctuary?


What is Black Dragon Palettblad?

Black Dragon Palettblad, also known as Coleus scutellarioides or Solenostemon scutellarioides, is a stunning plant with dark purple to black foliage, adding elegance to indoor gardens.

What are some popular varieties of Black Dragon Palettblad?

Some popular varieties of Black Dragon Palettblad include Black Magic, Red Head, Kingswood Torch, and Ursulas Red, each with its own unique coloration and characteristics.

How should I care for Black Dragon Palettblad?

Black Dragon Palettblad prefers partial shade and well-draining soil. It requires regular watering to keep the soil moist. Pruning helps to maintain bushier growth, and pinching off flowers redirects energy towards foliage development.

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